About Me

Belinda Capol - Fine Artist



Hi, my name is Belinda Capol. My passion for the arts goes way back. Being a professional vocalist and songwriter for many years, my passion for drawing, painting and crafting has always accompanied my music throughout the years. I've always had the urge to be creative with everything that comes into my hands and there is no way of stopping me from exploring new ideas & areas either.

The beauty of colors and their healing effects have always fascinated me through out my life. Light, the giver of all color, the universe and nature are all an integral part of my artwork. The amazing thing about painting abstracts is that you never know in advance what it becomes, I just let the universe guide me and it just happens.

I believe that all forms of art come from deep within one's soul and reflect one's feelings and emotions. If my artwork touches you, or stirs positive emotions deep within you, then I am truly blessed.